At the Park, Late August   2 comments

At the end of August, a tailwind tugs

At the slim strings of returning students.

Empty ketchup bottles, burnt marshmallow

Sticks and empty otter pop wrappers now

Start to age into their unique twilights.

Fewer children at the park this evening;

Getting chilly earlier and dark soon.

Those who fight the hardest here are the bugs

Who wish to bite each child before parents

Tell kids to go home. Something in these nights

Is near comforting, like Wordsworth’s “soothing

Thoughts that spring out of human suffering.” [1]

Or Emily’s line—“after great pain, a

Formal feeling comes.” [2] Tonight, a full moon.

-Paul Ringo

1 Wordsworth, Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood; Lines 188 – 189

2 Dickinson

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2 responses to “At the Park, Late August

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  1. Love ur poem, Poldy!

    Richie Goulding, esq.
  2. Thanks, Gouldingesque!

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