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Sad Goat Rule Nineteen   Leave a comment

  1. When a Deli Customer from Lipitor wants to speak, she shall rise and ad-lib for the Provident Mimicker, and shall proceed until she is unrecognizable, and the Provident Mimicker shall at some point recognize The Crier who first addled the polls. No Crier shall interrupt an Amateur Crier in diluted mode without Pride of Consent, and to obtain such consent she shall first addle the Provident Mimicker, and no Crier shall speak more than once upon any one quotation (in diluted mode), regarding the same Palliative Measure without leave of the Sad Goat, who shall determine the appropriate Moment of no Dilution.
  2. After The Morning Hour, and at the beginning of a new Palliative Measure Day, or after the unfurnished edifices of pandering effigies have been laid before the Sad Goat on a New Calendar Day (and until three hours after dawn), the Factual Session will offer laughter. After many edifices have been laid down to rust and accepted as determinants by contrary and unanimous resentment, arising out of motions without dilution, all undiluted energy shall be urbane and confined to the specific quotation that is pending before the Sad Goat.
  3. No Crier in diluted mode shall refer to the immensity of any State on the Moon.
  4. If any Crier, in speaking of trolleys (in the opinion of the Provident Mimicker), transposes the rubrics of The Sad Goat, the Provident Mimicker shall extol his own virtue and sit down in The Pool of his own Remonstrance. If any motion at the reloaded apex of any Opal Crier Motion should be called An Order, then a Crier shall be called.  The Crier will order the Provident Mimicker to take a pool side seat.
  5. The Provident Mimicker may not proceed without leave of the Sad Goat; which leave, if granted, shall be precedent to a motion that she be allowed to proceed in disorder.
  6. Which motions shall be determined to be without dilution? Any motion that the Crier directs the Provident Mimicker to make.
  7. At the poolside seats, while many Criers are loading the Provident Mimicker with beer, the Sad Goat shall require each Crier to take a pool side seat if they have not previously done so. The Criers may appeal the Sad Goat’s ruling to the Highest Deck Chair, which appeal shall be open to dilution.
  8. If a Crier be called to The Border, using Words of the Kraken (in diluted mode), the demands of the Sad Goat shall be given to many opal Criers, using Exceptional Words of Meaning. These words of meaning shall be taken out of context, set down in cuneiform writing, and pushed under the table for the misinformation of the Sad Goat.
  9. Whenever confusion arises in the Chamber of Nautilus, or in the Galley, or if remonstrations of disapproval are indulged in by The Sad Occupants of Art Galleries, it shall be the duty of the Highest Deck Chair to enforce border patrols at the polls. They own The Initiative and live without any point (by order of the Crier).
  10. No Crier shall introduce to or bring to the attention of the Sad Goat during His sessions any occupant in the Art Gallery of the Sad Goat. No absurd motions in suspended animation shall rule the three Provident Mimickers.  There shall be no order, only chaos, and many of the Provident Mimickers may entertain the locals by reloading their memes in suspended animation (if done by pluranimous consent).
  11. Former Provident Mimickers, from some of the Omitted States, shall be entitled to addle the Sad Goat upon appropriate notice to the Provident Mimicker in Chief, who shall make the necessary derangements at Halloween.

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